About Pristine Facility Mgmt Pvt Ltd

Welcome to Pristine Facility Mgmt Pvt Ltd, your premier partner in integrated facility management solutions. Headquartered in Greater Noida, we operate nationwide, seamlessly integrating facilities with people and processes to enhance core-business productivity and elevate quality of life.

At Pristine, we understand that the built environment is not just about structures, but about the experiences and efficiencies they facilitate. With this ethos at our core, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to optimize operations, enhance productivity, and foster a clean, sustainable environment.

Our Mission

To be the preferred partner for integrated facility management solutions, driving efficiency, sustainability, and excellence in the built environment while enhancing the well-being of our clients and communities.

Our Vision

To lead the way in redefining facility management standards, pioneering innovative solutions, and fostering a cleaner, greener future for generations to come.