Pristine Facility Mgmt Private Limited, headquartered in Greater Noida and catering PAN India functions to integrate facilities with its people and processes of the built-in environment with the purpose of improving the productivity of the core-business and improving the quality of life of people. Pristine Services offers integrated facility services, multi-disciplinary engineering services coupled with the Swachh Bharat Initiative for solid waste management for its customers. Our mechanized approach towards the delivers gives us consistent results from the very start.

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Our Vision

To Achieve 99.99% Germ Free Green Ambiance & Environment with 100% Client Satisfaction.

Our Mission

Achieve to the visionary GOAL through our Integrity, Creativity, Accountability, Performance, Safety and Collaboration.

Sanitization Packages

Considering the present scenario of Covid 19, we are offering our customized Sanitization Execution Program in three different exclusive packages to achieve the optimum efficiency.

Gold Package

Thorough Cleaning + Sanitization

Platinum Package:

Thorough Cleaning + Steam Treatment Application + Sanitization

Our Services

Thorough Cleaning

A Wall to Wall Thorough Cleaning Solution with the application of highly professional Machines and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents to ensure the optimum level of Cleaned Ambience and Environment.

Steam Treatment Application

With the application of 245 degree Fahrenheit temperature, most of the dust mites, mold, mildew, viruses and other allergens get deactivated and diffused. Specifically applicable for Washrooms and Kitchen areas.


Through our Specialized Sanitization Process, we ensure 99.9% Virus and microorganism free surfaces.

Which all Sectors / Segments we cover?

★ Corporates and Office Premises (ITs and Non Its)
★ Health Care Units
★ Housing Societies
★ Factories & Manufacturing Units
★ Schools, Colleges & Other Educational Institutions
★ Aviation, Railway and Road Ways
★ Banking & Financial
★ Telecom

★ Logistic
★ Malls, Retails and Out Lets
★ Hotels & Hospitalities
★ BPOs & KPOs
★ Warehouses
★ IT Parks
★ SEZs
★ Automobiles